Watch SNL’s Dysfunctional Tribute To Dunkin’ Donuts

Nothing says the holidays like some good old fashioned disfunction, and SNL served some up last night.  Their holiday commercial for Dunkin’ Donuts portrays ‘real’ customers talking about how their holidays ‘run on Dunkin”.  Donny (Casey Affleck) is as real and as dysfunctional as it gets.

Anyone who’s worked in a coffee shop knows that the regulars are usually as irregular as they come.  This sketch nails it.  And, though Affleck’s character comes from Massachusetts, where the culture is  hilariously Dunkin’ Donuts specific… I recognize this guy and I bet you do too.

So let’s have a laugh for the holidays in celebration, and at the expense of poor service industry workers everywhere.  They live this sketch every single day.  There are Donny’s trashing coffee cup displays and throwing coffee in all corners of this country.  And, it has been said… It’s funny because it’s true.

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