Latest STAR WARS REBELS Promo Takes Saw Gerrera from Movie to Animation


Saw Gerrera first appeared in Clone Wars Season 5 as a resistance fighter trained by the Jedi to defend his homeworld.  With the cancellation of Clone Wars, fans were left wondering if we would ever again see some of our favorite characters.  As the new Expanded Universe grows, characters that may have had a smaller role are making a reappearance along with characters thought lost to Legends.  Saw Gerrera is one of those characters, making the jump from Clone Wars, to Rogue One, and now in Star Wars Rebels.

As mentioned above, when we first met Saw he was a young man fighting the good fight to retake his home from Separatists.  In Rogue One we get two different version of him, the first when he rescues a young Jyn Erso, where he seems to still have all his limbs in tact and not reliant on a breather.  The next version we meet is when an adult Jyn tracks him down, the version we see in the trailers, old, grizzled, barely any part of him left.  The Saw we get in Rebels will be closer to the version that rescues young Jyn, perhaps taking place around the same time.  The animated version and the young film version, what we see of him, look very similar.

This Saturday, voiced by Forest Whitaker himself, we will get a bit more information on who Saw is, what he stands for, and how he’s changed since the Clone Wars days. Having Gerrera appear in 2 animated series, 1 movie, and 1 book, Star Wars is succeeding where Marvel has only dreamed, they have a full interconnected world between movies, television, comics, and books.  While the movies can stand on their own, the rest of the universe provides so much backstory and world building that enhance and make better the movies.  The latest promo for the episode drives this point home, intercutting sequences from Rogue One with the upcoming Rebels episode.

Check out the trailer below and, and then enjoy a little bit of behind the scenes with Dave Filoni.  Star Wars Rebels airs on DisneyXD Saturdays, check your local listings for exact times.


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