The next big Marvel series out of Netflix is the ‘big one,’ the Avengers-like crossover we’ve all wanted since the four series were initially announced. That crossover series, The Defenders, hits our TV screens in August. Currently, the second season of Jessica Jones is filming and the second season of Luke Cage goes into production soon, so we should see those two shows all ready for next year.

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However, there’s one other property we should mention here — The Punisher, starring Jon Bernthal. This series is potentially a huge deal for Netflix as it is the first series to spin-out from their original four characters. As of right now, the series has no release date, though there has been plenty of proof of that, including an accidental twitter leak from actor Jason Moore who tweeted a picture of the poster for the series, with the month November listed as release date.

As San Diego Comic Con descends upon us and the August release date for The Defenders inches closer, we’re likely to get more and more information about the series. This includes what we’ve learned today from one of the directors for the series, Stephen Surjik — the series takes a different approach than their other series.

“It is different than the other Marvel shows as far as it is an adult drama. There are no superpowers. You know the Punisher is a character who is based on vengeance, fundamentally. His family is a victim of some horrific thing, but the character himself is well-known and the way that they approach it is very different from the other shows.”

It’s unclear what exactly he means here that the series “is different as far as it is an adult drama.” We say that partially because it seems that Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist have all been pretty dramatic and very adult. Our only real guess here is that we dive head first into the drama surrounding Frank Castle (Bernthal) instead of seeing him in a one-man war against the criminals who killed his family. Though, it’s the Punisher, so we better see some type of firefight, right.

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