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Latino Review, more specifically Da7e, claims that Marvel has auditioned 17-year old actor, Asa Butterfield, to play the role of Peter Parker in the MCU. You might recognizes Butterfield from the big budget Ender’s Game.


Da7e also goes on to report that Adam McKay is “in the on-deck spot to direct a Marvel movie.” This would mean that he’s in line to direct one of their next big movies. It’s a well-known fact that McKay is a nerd when it comes to comics, that he grew up reading and loving them, and that he was Paul Rudd’s co-writer on Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man script. We also know that, as of a couple months ago, McKay was in talks to take the reins on a film, so hearing that he’s one step closer makes total sense.

In terms of what he could be directing, it could be one of any host of films, as Spider-Man, Thor: Ragnarok, Captain Marvel and Black Panther all still need directors and are all coming up.

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