NERF JOHN WICK – Pretty Spot On Recreation of JOHN WICK 2 with Nerf Guns Is Hilariously Satisfying

My nephew’s birthday was last week and he had a Nerf War birthday party. Yesterday, my godson had a Nerf War birthday party. At one point my husband put on a Minecraft box head and allowed himself to be a target and oh my word! Something savage and primitive clicked in those children’s heads (both boys and girls) and they went bananas. There were face shots (thank God for the Minecraft head) chest shots, butt shots and the inevitable close-range crotch shots. My poor husband.

So, this morning I had nerf on the brain and found this video of Nerf John Wick and it is delightful and funny. If you saw John Wick 2, which is amazing by the way, then you’ll appreciate the fine details that the folks at Corridor used when recreating some of John Wick 2’s most intense and violent moments. The difference being that Corridor recreated these awesome scenes with nerf guns and the hero of the video is Nerf John Wick.

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The choreography is spot on and super fun. My only thought after laughing and enjoying the video five times through was — I wonder how many times those nerf guns jammed while filming! I was at that Nerf War party and my husband’s genitals would have been destroyed if not for some guns jamming!




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