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  • Joe Quesada Artwork for THE DEFENDERS May Give Us Our Villains

    Joe Quesada Artwork for THE DEFENDERS May Give Us Our Villains

    If you woke up this morning dying to see some original Joe Quesada art for the upcoming Netflix series, The Defenders, then you’re in luck. Last night was, apparently, the wrap party for the first season, which has been filming for a couple months now and will see the four heroes of each Marvel show teaming up, albeit reluctantly, to fight a common enemy. That enemy? We don’t know yet. All we really know is that it’s Sigourney Weaver – […]

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  • It’s a Wrap for THE DEFENDERS

    It’s a Wrap for THE DEFENDERS

    Embed from Getty Images The Defenders has officially wrapped! While fans are taking in the latest Marvel/Netflix show this weekend, the upcoming one is right on it’s heels. Thanks to a post on Instagram, we now know that production on the show has officially wrapped. Get pumped! Makeup artist Sarit Klein posted photos from the wrap party confirming that production had finished. Production for the show had started in October soon after Sigourney Weaver’s inclusion had been announced. And with thanks to […]

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  • Patrick Stewart, Rupert Grint, and Dan Stevens chat with James Corden during "The Late Late Show with James Corden," Monday, March 6, 2017 (12:35 PM-1:37 AM ET/PT) On The CBS Television Network.  Photo: Terence Patrick/CBS ©2017 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

    Dan Stevens Invites Sir Patrick Stewart To Appear On LEGION

    Sir Patrick Stewart made a stop at The Late Late Show With James Corden to promote LOGAN and ended up with a job offer. Another chance to play Professor Xavier. RELATED: Eddie Redmayne is in Trouble With James Corden in ‘Fantastic Beasts Of The TSA’ But let me stop for just a moment and can we just recognize the awesomeness of this couch?! The lovable James Corden, star of Into The Woods and who appeared in Doctor Who, Rupert freakin’ Grint from obviously, Harry […]

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  • LEGION Renewed for a Second Season

    LEGION Renewed for a Second Season

    FX announced today that it’s renewing LEGION for a second season. If you haven’t seen a single episode, you really should. You can catch up on several streaming services including iTunes and Hulu. Noah Hawley has done a fantastic job with the tone and feel of this trippy series, with it’s Stanley Kubrick meets Terry Gilliam kind of a feel. It’s truly a unique and wonderful adaptation. “The first season of Legion was a stunning achievement,” said FX programming president Eric Schrier. “More […]

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  • INHUMANS Just Got Their Medusa In Serinda Swan

    INHUMANS Just Got Their Medusa In Serinda Swan

    Even MORE Inhumans casting news! Serinda Swan has been cast as Queen Medusa, the object of affection for both Black Bolt and Maximus the Mad. According to Deadline, she’s the third to be added to the cast in the ABC television adaption. It’s set to premiere in September with 8 episodes. Swan is best known for her roles in Breakout Kings for 2 seasons and Graceland for it’s run. She’s also had reoccuring roles in Hawaii Five-O and and Chicago Fire. […]

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  • Marvel’s RUNAWAYS Hulu Series Finally Has a Cast

    Marvel’s RUNAWAYS Hulu Series Finally Has a Cast

    Deadline has broken the news that Runaways has their cast of teens! Set to air on Hulu as a drama, they’re currently working on a pilot. The showrunners are Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, who you may know from their little show called Gossip Girl. So what is Runaways about? Well it’s about a group of teenagers who band together against a deadly threat – their parents. Penned by the brilliant Brian K Vaughn and art by Adrian Alphona, the series lasted 18 […]

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  • Jimmy Kimmel Hires Doctor Strange for Kid’s Birthday Party

    Jimmy Kimmel Hires Doctor Strange for Kid’s Birthday Party

    When Jimmy Kimmel hires Doctor Strange (played by Benedict Cumberbatch, who is awesome and obviously has a sense of humor about himself) for a kid’s birthday party, things do not go as planned. Doctor Strange shows up late to his gig as the entertainer at a children’s birthday party hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, arriving through a portal from the astral plane. Wondering if the noisy children are possessed due to their sugar high, he offers to vanquish them. Jimmy stops […]

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  • Luke Cage Recap: (S01E13) You Know My Steez

    Luke Cage Recap: (S01E13) You Know My Steez

    Every episode of Luke Cage’s first season is named for a song by Gang Starr, but “You Know My Steez” is only the second one that has taken me down the internet’s rabbit hole trying to decide why it was chosen. (The first was “DWYCK.”) I have watched the video, read the lyrics, looked at the tracks it samples, read every article on Ambrosia For Heads about the ties between the group and this series and read bios of Gang Starr […]

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  • Luke Cage Recap: (S01E12) Soliloquy of Chaos

    Luke Cage Recap: (S01E12) Soliloquy of Chaos

    The penultimate episode of Luke Cage’s first season was pretty epic, and it took A LOT of discipline for me to sit down and write this before watching the finale. (I didn’t want to dilute my excitement by knowing how it all turns out.) But wow. The action picks up exactly where we left off in episode 11, with Luke being shackled by defensive cops ready to put him in the paddy wagon. Misty sees an opening and talks one […]

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  • Luke Cage Recap: (S01E11) Now You’re Mine

    Luke Cage Recap: (S01E11) Now You’re Mine

      All the action in episode 11 of Luke Cage takes place either inside or directly outside of Harlem’s Paradise. We open to Luke and Misty still taking cover behind the bar while thugs are shooting at them and frightened rally attendees are screaming and scattering. Under intense gunfire, Luke is able to get Misty to the kitchen, which he barricades closed. Outside, Shades delivers the best line of the episode (series?) while questioning Diamondback’s plan: “What you talking’ ’bout, Willis?” […]

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  • Luke Cage Recap: (S01E10) Take It Personal

    Luke Cage Recap: (S01E10) Take It Personal

    Episode 10 of Luke Cage opens in the mad scientist’s barn, where Claire and Dr. Burstein are frantically trying to save Luke. Claire is instrumental in figuring out that the reason the acid bath isn’t softening Luke’s skin enough for them to operate is that it doesn’t have salt in it and it isn’t boiling, so she chucks a bucket of salt in and cranks the temperature all the way up. Voila: supple Luke Cage. We don’t see her removing the […]

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  • Luke Cage Recap: (S01E09) DWYCK

    Luke Cage Recap: (S01E09) DWYCK

    I’ve been studying the lyrics to GangStarr’s “DWYCK” looking for insight into episode nine of Luke Cage. Is the title drawn from the song or just the slang/acronym for “Do What You Can Kid“? Since the song’s lyrics reference lemonade and barns, both of which feature in the episode, I’m going to take a leap and say there’s a connection there. (And since I watched the video for DWYCK, I’ll also conclude that it’s hard to take rappers seriously when they’re wearing baggy […]

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  • Luke Cage Recap: (S01E08) Blowin’ Up the Spot

    Luke Cage Recap: (S01E08) Blowin’ Up the Spot

    There are three things happening in episode eight of Luke Cage: Injured Luke is weaker, bleeding and caught in a game of cat and mouse with Diamondback. Mariah is ascending to her throne, assuming her place as Mama Mabel’s heir. Misty is making a mess of things. When we last saw Luke Cage, he had just been dropped by an alien Judas bullet, fired by Diamondback from a sniper rifle. He was writhing on the ground, where Claire was kneeling to tend […]

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  • Luke Cage Recap: (S01E07) Manifest

    Luke Cage Recap: (S01E07) Manifest

    Oh, man. The music in this show! Episode seven of Luke Cage opens with Nina Simone’s “Plain Gold Ring” playing over Luke strutting through what he thinks is a new, Cottonmouth-free world, while he, then Misty, learns that Cottonmouth has already been released from jail. I don’t know if the lyrics match the moment, but the vocals and music are so atmospheric. They convey a sense of despair and futility. And then the opening credits roll… The heart of this […]

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  • Love the music in Luke Cage? Experience it live in L.A.!

    Love the music in Luke Cage? Experience it live in L.A.!

    The Theatre at Ace Hotel 929 South Broadway Los Angeles, CA 90015 (213) 623-3233 Doors Open: 8:00 PM Onsale: Sat, Sep 24, 2016 – 10:00AM PDT (via axs.com) ArtDontSleep presents an unforgettable evening of music at The Theatre at Ace Hotel, curated by Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Adrian Younge, showing the diverse range of original score created for the Netflix original series, Marvel’s Luke Cage. Influences ranging from David Axelrod, Ennio Morricone, to A Tribe Called Quest and Wu Tang Clan will be brought […]

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