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  • DOCTOR WHO Recap: (S10E03) Thin Ice

    DOCTOR WHO Recap: (S10E03) Thin Ice

    When we last saw the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and Bill (Pearl Mackie), they were stepping out of the TARDIS expecting to emerge into the Doctor’s university office and instead stepping onto a frozen Thames and into the path of an apparently charging elephant. The latest episode of Doctor Who, Thin Ice, picks up in that same moment, giving it immediate context. The TARDIS has redirected its occupants from 2017 London to 1814 London, dropping them into a “Frost Fair” staged on the […]

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  • SUPERNATURAL Recap: (S12E19) The Future

    SUPERNATURAL Recap: (S12E19) The Future

    If you haven’t been keeping up with Supernatural this year, you need to get going on watching these episodes. With only 4 episodes left in the season, everything is coming to a head. Dagon, Lucifer, the British Men of Letters, Mr. Ketch; Team Free Will has their work cut out for them. Related: Check out the rest of our Supernatural Season 12 recaps Last week we enjoyed a monster-of-the-week episode, but this week’s “The Future” brings us back to Dagon and […]

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  • Margaret Atwood Comments on New THE HANDMAID’S TALE Series

    Margaret Atwood Comments on New THE HANDMAID’S TALE Series

    Author Margaret Atwood is 77 years old and she’s experiencing a bit of a revival.  In an interview with Entertainment Weekly that was released Friday, she discusses her inspiration for and impressions of the new The Handmaid’s Tale series on Hulu. Atwood talked in the interview about her experience in West Berlin, her study of 17th century puritan culture, 20th century totalitarian regimes and love of dystopian sci-fi which all lead her to write The Handmaid’s Tale.  That knowledge brought her to […]

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  • ROSEANNE is Coming Back

    ROSEANNE is Coming Back

    The Hollywood Reporter announced today that an eight episode series of the beloved sitcom, Roseanne, is being shopped around and the seed may have been planted, here: During John Goodman’s appearance on The Talk, he was asked if he would be up for a reunion show to which he replied, yes. RELATED: Movie Review – 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE Sara Gilbert also agreed, if the story was just right. The only issue is, SPOILERS, John Goodman’s character, Dan, passed away at the end of the series, so […]

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  • THE VAMPIRE CHRONICLES TV Show Optioned with Paramount

    THE VAMPIRE CHRONICLES TV Show Optioned with Paramount

    Embed from Getty Images We’re getting closer, Vampire Chronicle fans! Author Anne Rice announced on her Facebook page her newest developments on the project. The show is being optioned by Paramount Television and Anonymous Content. Together with her son, Christopher Rice, they’ve been working on bringing the show to television. And with this announcement, we know the show is under development. President of Paramount TV, Amy Powell, talked of her excitement on the project. “It is undeniable that Anne Rice has […]

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  • More Casting Announcements for STAR TREK: DISCOVERY

    More Casting Announcements for STAR TREK: DISCOVERY

    There is some new blood that has been added to the cast of STAR TREK: DISCOVERY and a little role swapping going on. RELATED: See The First Group Photo Of STAR TREK: DISCOVERY Cast Shazad Latif (Penny Dreadful) will now star as Lieutenant Tyler, a Starfleet officer in the Federation, Rekha Sharma (Battlestar Galactica, The 100) will star as Commander Landry, the security officer of the Starship Discovery, Kenneth Mitchell ( Astronaut Wives Club, Frequency) will star as Kol, a commanding officer in […]

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  • RIVERDALE Recap and Review: (S01E11) To Riverdale and Back Again

    RIVERDALE Recap and Review: (S01E11) To Riverdale and Back Again

    I have a theory on who killed Jason and why. But you’re going to have to read to the end to hear it. This week’s episode handed us a murderer wrapped up in a pretty little Skeet Ulrich bow, smoking gun in his closet, and nefarious partnerships with a well-known biker gang and an evil millionaire to cap it all off. Could Riverdale be so bold as to hand us such an obvious murderer? In a word . . . […]

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  • SUPERGIRL Recap: (S02E18) Ace Reporter

    SUPERGIRL Recap: (S02E18) Ace Reporter

    It’s been a month since we last saw Supergirl in action but now we’re back and the Girl of Steel gets to flex her reporter muscles in this week’s “Ace Reporter.” There are spoilers ahead, but you knew that. Related: Check out all of our Supergirl Season 2 Recaps All is quiet in National City, which begs the question, what does Supergirl do when there’s a lull? J’onn has his budgets, Winn has his techy stuff, Alex has her knives, […]

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  • THE BIG BANG THEORY Recap: (S10E22) The Cognition Regeneration

    THE BIG BANG THEORY Recap: (S10E22) The Cognition Regeneration

    Oh, Sheldon. Tonight on The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon (Jim Parsons) failed to help the other guys defeat some teenagers they were battling in a video game and decided he needs to safeguard his brain by pursuing “super aging”– pushing his brain outside its comfort zone to exhaustion. But his brain wasn’t the only one feeling exhausted. While Sheldon spent most of The Cognition Regeneration looking for mental and physical pursuits to help him stay cognitively nimble, Penny revealed that she’s ready […]

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  • NETFLIX: What Is Arriving and Leaving May 2017

    NETFLIX: What Is Arriving and Leaving May 2017

    Every month, Netflix rotates their selection. Knowing this but not paying attention to the press release lists can lead to some unhappy households (like my husband and I waking up one morning to find X-Files gone) and some super happy nostalgia moments (like my husband cheesy-grinning over the animated The Real Ghostbusters). With a few days left in April, there are still a few shows and movies scheduled to leave ahead of May 1st. For your convenience, and last-ditch binging […]

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  • Agents of SHIELD, All the Madame's Men, abc.com

    AGENTS OF SHIELD Recap (S04E19) All the Madame’s Men

    SHIELD is dealing with the aftermath of losing the Patriot Jeffrey Mace.  May came to her senses and exposed Skye/Daisy to the terrigen crystal.  How will Daisy’s powers affect the game now?  What is Aida’s ultimate end game?  Let’s find out… Click here for a full recap of AGENTS OF SHIELD “No Regrets” Sunil Bakshi (Simon Kassianides) is the voice of Hydra.  He reports to the public the Hydra approved news including a report that The Patriot (Jason O’Mara) is […]

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  • THE HANDMAID’S TALE Recap: (S01E03) Late

    THE HANDMAID’S TALE Recap: (S01E03) Late

    This recap of Episode 3 of THE HANDMAID’S TALE is chocked full of {SPOILERS}. ***If you haven’t watched yet, go do that and then come back here. ;)*** The episode opens on Ofglen (the original one, not the new one we met at the end of the last episode who we decided is actually Alma from the Red Centre) being led by guards down a bright hallway to a locked cell, with some sort of mask over her mouth. Offred […]

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  • SUPERNATURAL Rewatch: (S02E07) The Usual Suspects

    SUPERNATURAL Rewatch: (S02E07) The Usual Suspects

    SUPERNATURAL opens inside a police station. Detective Peter Sheridan (Jason Gedrick) answers a phone call; the conversation however, is short. Sheridan is in the middle of something. Hanging up the phone, he moves into an interrogation room. His one sided conversation dances around a mysterious suspect’s earlier run-in with the law. As Detective Sheridan stands to leave, the suspect turns around. It is Dean (Jensen Ackles) Meanwhile, a S.W.A.T. team, lead by Detective Diana Ballard (Linda Blair), prepares to swarm a hotel. As they stream into the room in […]

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  • ARCHER -- "Ladyfingers" -- Season 8, Episode 4

    ARCHER DREAMLAND Recap: (S08E04) Ladyfingers

    Archer Dreamland once again opens where the previous episode left off. Mother (Jessica Walter) reclines at her desk while she waits for Mr. Van Der Tunt to answer the phone. After a brief conversation, it seems Cheryl’s brother doesn’t believe they are holding his sister. Searching for a next step, Mother tasks Archer (H. Jon Benjamin) with convincing him. As Sterling leaves, Mother suggests he take a finger, you know… just in case. Meanwhile, Figgis (Chris Parnell) and Pam (Amber Nash) break into Archer’s office. Not surprisingly, the place is still […]

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  • THE HANDMAID’S TALE Recap: (S01E02) Birth

    THE HANDMAID’S TALE Recap: (S01E02) Birth

    This recap of Episode 2 of THE HANDMAID’S TALE is chocked full of {SPOILERS}. ***If you haven’t watched yet, go do that and then come back here. ;)*** The episode opens on Offred staring at the ceiling in the Commander and Mrs. Waterford’s bedroom, as she lies on their bed, in the midst of a “ceremony.” If you’ll remember, we learned in the first episode that “ceremony” is code for “threesome in which none of the three people want to […]

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