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  • Abstract Game Fix: TAK

    Abstract Game Fix: TAK

    I’m a sucker for abstract board games. I feel like they make me smarter. I like them better when they have classy art, rules that are simple and mostly light on luck, requiring each player to rely on his or her own wits as opposed to other factors. Theme is appreciated, but certainly optional and probably irrelevant in an abstract game. Chess is probably the most well-known of these kinds of games. The other day, a friend of mine challenged […]

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  • 3 Board Games For Art Loving Nerds

    3 Board Games For Art Loving Nerds

    If you play table top games you know that there are as many themes as one can imagine. In addition to the usual suspects, like fantasy, war, comic book and movie franchises, tabletop games also cover much more obscure subject matter, such as quilting, beer crafting, and pig farming. So, while it was not wholly unexpected, I was still a bit surprised to find several games with an art theme to them. Never one to pass up an opportunity to […]

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  • Dungeons & Dragons “TALES FROM THE YAWNING PORTAL” Now Available

    Dungeons & Dragons “TALES FROM THE YAWNING PORTAL” Now Available

    Dungeon Masters, Clerics and Halfings, it’s time to go on another adventure! It was announced a few months ago that a new book was coming out for Dungeons & Dragons, and now the wait is over. “When the shadows grow long in Waterdeep and the fireplace in the taproom of the Yawning Portal dims to a deep crimson glow, adventurers from across the Forgotten Realms, and even from other worlds, spin tales and spread rumors of dark dungeons and lost […]

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  • Watson & Holmes: A Game’s Always Better With Your Holmies

    Watson & Holmes: A Game’s Always Better With Your Holmies

    With this week’s new release, Watson & Holmes, Asmodee returns us to the world of that famous consulting detective, Sherlock Holmes. Recently, Jack The Ripper & West End Adventures also brought us some new cases to solve alongside Sherlock. But that game works more as a cooperative choose-your-own adventure for grown ups than as a competitive board game. Watson & Holmes takes us in a whole different direction. In Watson & Holmes, 2-7 players will compete to be the first […]

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  • New Bedford and Nantucket – Two Whales Of A Game

    New Bedford and Nantucket – Two Whales Of A Game

    Over the last couple of years I have learned to enjoy euro style board games much more than I had in the past. However, I still do not enjoy games that employ a “point salad” scoring method. For those who are not familiar, a point salad is a method of scoring where many different and unrelated sources of points are combined for players’ total scores. My problem with this method is that it makes it more difficult for me to […]

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  • PATCHWORK – A Game That Proves Quilting Isn’t Just For Grandma

    PATCHWORK – A Game That Proves Quilting Isn’t Just For Grandma

    I got Patchwork to the table later than most people because, frankly, the theme didn’t really grab me. I mean, who wants to make quilts besides grandmothers? Eventually, though, after seeing several glowing reviews about the game from my fellow Boardgame Geek members, I finally decided to check it out. Patchwork is a two player game designed by Uwe Rosenberg that consists of each player conducting Tetris-like board building on their own 9 x 9 grid. Patchwork takes 30 minutes […]

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  • Your Ultimate Guide to GEN CON

    Your Ultimate Guide to GEN CON

    So you’re ponying up to Gen Con for the first time and you have no idea what to expect, what to bring, and what the heck to do. And you also wanna do it on a budget because you’re smart and know that you’ll be stocking up on sweet gaming loot. Think of me as your Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy – DON’T PANIC. I got you. You’re gonna do a great job and have a good time, and I’ll […]

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  • The Game Is Afoot – Again

    The Game Is Afoot – Again

    Who doesn’t love a good mystery? I certainly do, or don’t, or uhh… that’s what I get for using a double negative. What I’m saying is, I love a good mystery! That’s why when I looked on my porch yesterday and saw a package from Asmodee that I hadn’t ordered, I was intrigued. Since boxes from Asmodee often have something great inside them, I tore this one open and was thrilled to find a copy of the new Sherlock Holmes […]

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  • Get Your Share of the BOOTY

    Get Your Share of the BOOTY

    While I was at Dragon Con in 2016 I got a chance to see several games published by Mayfair Games. While I had heard of their games (Catan, Agricola, Caverna) and played a few, I had not had a chance to experience so many of them at one time. I discovered some really fun stuff and have grown to appreciate Mayfair even more since then. What was that? “But what about the Booty,” you say? I’m a full grown man, […]

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  • Games For Lovers Who Love Games

    Games For Lovers Who Love Games

    Looking for ways to have an inexpensive, yet intimate evening with your Valentine? Then you should consider these tabletop games to get you in the mood – aka “nerdplay.” This list includes games that are either specifically designed for, or work great as, two player games. Let’s get it on! 1) Lost Cities – Kosmos, 2 Players, 30 minutes Can’t afford a trip to an exotic destination? Lost Cities gives you the opportunity to get your Indiana Jones on for […]

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  • Tabletop Review – DOOM

    Tabletop Review – DOOM

    by M. Pending Düüm Body Armor? Check. Chainsaw? Check. BFG 9000? Check. LET’S FRAG SOME DEMONS!!! In Fantasy Flight Game’s miniature-tastic new DOOM: The Board Game (based on the mega-hit DOOM video game series) a horde of horrifying, weapon-toting demons engage in bloody, fast-paced combat with an elite unit of human Marines in the depths of a Martian research facility. One player controls the Invader force, while one to four players join together as the Marines to cooperatively eliminate the hellish […]

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  • FOUNDING FATHERS: Make America Fun Again (Please)

    FOUNDING FATHERS: Make America Fun Again (Please)

    If you are like me, you’re probably sick of the current state of the political landscape. It exhausts me. So why in the world would I be intrigued with a board game about the forming of the U.S. Constitution? Maybe it’s the remnants of my political science major bleeding through, hoping I’ll glimpse a clue of how we got where we are today. Maybe it’s a desire to return to a seemingly simpler time, where names like Franklin, Hamilton, and […]

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  • Tabletop Review: What Would You Give FOR CROWN & KINGDOM?

    Tabletop Review: What Would You Give FOR CROWN & KINGDOM?

    As a game store owner, I spend a lot of my time looking through distributor sites looking for games that my customers may have missed or not found yet. Sometimes when I’m researching reviews and such, I’ll discover one that gets me excited enough to grab a demo copy. That’s how I discovered For Crown & Kingdom, designed by Dave Mansell and published by Rio Grande Games in 2016. RELATED: My Tabletop Game To-Do List For 2017 For Crown & Kingdom […]

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  • EW Readers: Settlers of Catan is NOT Monopoly!

    EW Readers: Settlers of Catan is NOT Monopoly!

    The board game community has been kicked in the gut by a single phrase, “think Monopoly.” Awards season kicked off last night with the Golden Globes and you can be sure those VIP after parties were on point.  But while probably all of Hollywood was dancing the night away, one of my favorite celebrity couples, Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, did just what I would do: GAME NIGHT! Kristen Bell shared an adorable photo on her Instagram of the pair setting […]

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  • My Tabletop Game To-Do List For 2017

    My Tabletop Game To-Do List For 2017

    Happy New Year, nerds!  2017 is upon us and that means another year of board gaming goodness has begun.  During the holiday season I secured a nice hoard of board game treasure, including some titles I had never heard of that slipped past my nerdar.  I figured I’d list them here in case they slipped past yours, too. 1) Raiders Of The North Sea – Garphill Games, 2-4 Players This is the next game in my queue.  I’ve prepared myself […]

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