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  • SUPERGIRL Recap: (S02E16) Star-Crossed

    SUPERGIRL Recap: (S02E16) Star-Crossed

    All right we’re back. After being off for a week Supergirl is back and some truths are about to be revealed. The last time we saw Supergirl, she was saving a group of aliens from being sent to another planet by Cadmus. Fortunately, Team Supergirl was there to save the day. But, an alien spaceship containing an intergalactic power couple entered Earth’s orbit and we have no idea why they’re there. What could they possibly want? We’re about to find […]

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  • THE AMERICANS Recap: (S05E03) The Midges

    THE AMERICANS Recap: (S05E03) The Midges

    The Midges, tonight’s episode of The Americans, opens in a bowling alley with Roxy Music’s “More Than This” playing almost indistinguishably in the background. It’s more than just a genius move for creating atmosphere. In this world, there’s always more than whatever appears to be happening. We started again with Elizabeth (Keri Russell) and Philip (Matthew Rhys) in disguise as their latest alter-egos, the Eckerts, bowling with pretend son Tuan (Ivan Mok) and the unwitting Morozov family. The Morozovs are true to form, fitting […]

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  • MURDOCH MYSTERIES Rewatch: (S2E08) I, Murdoch

    MURDOCH MYSTERIES Rewatch: (S2E08) I, Murdoch

    Murdoch Mysteries opens in Station House 4. Constable Crabtree (Jonny Harris) sits at the desk, flipping through a newspaper. A voice calls out, “Hey, Mister! I’d like to report a crime… down here!”. George sits up. A young boy stands in front of the desk, barely tall enough to see over the counter. This is Alwyn Jones (Dakota Goy0). The boy reports that he saw something while he was fishing down by the river. He excitedly describes seeing a “Giant silver knight” and […]

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  • THE WALKING DEAD Recap: (S07E14) The Other Side

    THE WALKING DEAD Recap: (S07E14) The Other Side

    The Walking Dead has been building up to a big confrontation.  Rosita and Sasha decide to make the first move against the Saviors.   Spoilers ahead… Life at the Hilltop community has been productive.  Maggie (Lauren Cohen) observes life that happens.  She and Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) train people for the impending war with the Saviors.  Jesus (Tom Payne) works on a layout of the Sanctuary. Daryl (Norman Reedus) is having a hard time looking at Maggie for any reason.  He […]

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  • Danny Rand (Finn Jones) in Iron Fist

    MARVEL’S IRON FIST Recap: (S01E02) Shadow Hawk Takes Flight

    Iron Fist opens where episode one left off. Danny Rand (Finn Jones) is heavily restrained in the hospital, and his drugs are only now starting to wear off. As he stirs, he hears a voice. A grinning man sits at his bedside. It turns out, Danny is at a psychiatric hospital. “I shouldn’t be here,” Danny says, already devising a way out. The man pushes himself to his feet. “You need to kill yourself. It’s really the only solution for any of […]

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  • MARVEL’S IRON FIST Recap: (S01E01) Snow Gives Way

    MARVEL’S IRON FIST Recap: (S01E01) Snow Gives Way

    Iron Fist opens on the streets of Manhattan. A shoeless man wanders down the bustling city block. His beard is overgrown, and a bag is slung over his shoulder. This is Danny Rand (Finn Jones). He stares up at a high-rise, “That’s my building!”. A near-by hot dog vendor smirks, “You should sell it and get some shoes”. Entering the building, Danny looks around with a sense of wide-eyed wonder as he asks to speak with Harold Meachum (David Wenham). Much to […]

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  • MY HERO ACADEMIA Recap: (S01E11) Game Over

    MY HERO ACADEMIA Recap: (S01E11) Game Over

    Leaving their sinking boat and a writhing mass of sticky villains adrift, Tsu, Izuku and Mineta plan their next move. They could break for the exit, but Izuku fears for their teacher’s safety. Aizawa leapt to their defense a while ago, and he must be feeling the strain of this sustained battle. They swim to shore and watch from the edge of the fray. Throughout the facility, the other students are handling the goons sent to waylay them. Todoroki, striding […]

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  • Just let me take it out for a quick spin. I promise I won’t murder anyone—they might not even have prostitutes in the future.

    TIME AFTER TIME Recap and Review for Time Travel Fans: (S01E01 & 02) Pilot & I Will Catch You

    Time-travel enthusiasts, I beg your forgiveness. Perhaps some of you were hoping the discussion of NBC’s Timeless would continue. (Perhaps only a very few of you.) Instead we will turn our attention to ABC’s mid-season replacement series Time After Time, adapted from the 1979 film of the same name. I beg your indulgence, folks, but it seemed to me that the discussion of Timeless was spinning its wheels. My fault, I’m sure, but I couldn’t help but think that I […]

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  • THE MAGICIANS Recap: (S02E08) Word As Bond

    THE MAGICIANS Recap: (S02E08) Word As Bond

    Welcome back, Fillorians! Another week, another jam-packed episode of The Magicians! We saw Quentin face the immense consequences of his pact with his dead ex-girlfriend that lives inside him. Margo took the reins and really channeled her Fillory Clinton, while Eliot lay comatose. Julia had a complete personality makeover as everyone started to join the “Banish Reynard” party. Alright, folks, let’s get to it! Spoilers are impossible to banish, much like a certain trickster god, so please tread with caution. We open with Kady (Jade […]

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  • SUPERNATURAL Rewatch: (S02E02) Everybody Loves a Clown

    SUPERNATURAL Rewatch: (S02E02) Everybody Loves a Clown

    Supernatural opens in the middle of a carnival. Clowns, acrobats and contortionists mingle with the crowds of people. A father looks to his wife as their daughter waves at a clown, “God, I hate clowns. They creep me out”. While the same family stands in line for a ride, the young girl looks around.  A sad clown waves at her from a distance. It’s not a fun clown. It’s a nightmare inducing clown. These clowns are the reason… some of us… can’t go to the […]

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  • SUPERNATURAL Recap: (S12E15) Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell

    SUPERNATURAL Recap: (S12E15) Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell

    What is happening on Supernatural? After eliminating most of the vampires in the Midwest region of the US, the remaining survivors attacked the hidden British Men of Letters base. Mary and Sam had to protect the agents within, only to be double-crossed by a hunter working for the Alpha Vampire. Mr. Ketch and Dean, after finding the last vampire nest empty, raced to the British Men of Letter base but found that the Alpha Vampire and his children were taken […]

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  • THE FLASH Recap: (S03E16) Into the Speed Force

    THE FLASH Recap: (S03E16) Into the Speed Force

    The Flash enters the Speed Force to save Wally. He is forced to face the consequences of his actions.  Jesse Quick makes a rogue move against Savitar. Spoilers… Kid Flash (Keiynan Lonsdale) was pulled into the Speed Force last week. He replaced Savitar in his speed force prison. Barry, The Flash (Grant Gustin) feels responsible for Wally’s imprisonment.  He tells the Cisco to get the breach room ready. He’s going back into the speed force to save Wally. Joe (Jesse […]

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  • THE AMERICANS Recap: (S05E02) Pests

    THE AMERICANS Recap: (S05E02) Pests

    Man, if you want to be emotionally gutted by a television show, there’s no need to let something as heavy-handed as This Is Us do the job. Just watch poor Paige Jennings (Holly Taylor) try to navigate life as the daughter of Russian spies in Reagan’s America on The Americans. I don’t even know where to start with this episode. The relationships on The Americans are heartbreaking and tense and so wonderfully acted that I want to write thank you notes […]

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  • ONCE UPON A TIME Recap: (S06E12) Murder Most Foul

    ONCE UPON A TIME Recap: (S06E12) Murder Most Foul

    Last week on Once Upon a Time, Emma faced the new villain, Gideon for the first time. She was able to defeat him, giving everyone a chance to breath.  Regina brought back Robin from an alternate reality.  His presence will cause quite a stir, especially for Regina. Spoilers Ahead… Prince Charming wasn’t always a prince…and the prince wasn’t always charming. That much we knew about David (Josh Dallas) and his twin brother James (Josh Dallas).  What we didn’t know is […]

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  • THE WALKING DEAD Recap: (S07E13) Bury Me Here

    THE WALKING DEAD Recap: (S07E13) Bury Me Here

    The Walking Dead returns to the Kingdom as Ezekiel must come to terms that his arrangement with the Saviors is not as peaceful as he thought.  Carol learns the truth and Morgan changes his mind about killing. The last time we were at the Kingdom, Ezekiel told Rick that he would not join the fight.  They have a good arrangement with the Saviors that keeps the Kingdom safe.  He understood Rick’s need to stand up to the Saviors. Ezekiel says his people […]

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