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    LUCIFER Recap (S02E10): Quid Pro Ho

    When we last left Chloe (Lauren German), she was preparing to get into her car. Unbeknowst to her, Charlotte (Tricia Helfer) hovered near by, a detonator clutched in her fingers. However, Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) stops her. “You can’t kill, Chloe Mom…”. He reminds her, Lucifer (Tom Ellis) would never forgive her if she killed Chloe. As the Chloe drives away, Charlotte drops the detonator. “Well, that was anti-climactic”. The next morning, Lucifer has his regular session with Dr. Martin (Rachael Harris). He recounts […]

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  • CONVICTION Recap (S01E08): Bad Deals

    CONVICTION Recap (S01E08): Bad Deals

    “Bad Deals” opens in a horrifying situation. A kidnapped woman breaks out of a basement. She makes eye contact with her kidnapper, he’s dead on the sofa. She makes a frantic dash for the door, getting her first blast of sunshine in a decade. Sierra Diaz (Allie MacDonald) was a junior in high school when she disappeared. She was a rebel, a girl after Hayes’ own heart. As the team lays out the history, this case has a personal connection to the CIU. […]

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  • MURDOCH MYSTERIES Rewatch: (S01E07) Body Double

    MURDOCH MYSTERIES Rewatch: (S01E07) Body Double

    “It’s called a kinetoscope!” Detective Murdoch (Yannick Bisson) says, as Inspector Brackenreid (Thomas Craig) readies to leave Station House 4. The officers excitedly crowd around the new fangled invention. Brackenreid, on the other hand, is an efficiando of the theater. “Shakespere is playing at the Grand!” Brackenreid says, hurrying from the office. Brackenreid sits through Macbeth, riveted by the action on stage. However, murder seems to follow the men of Station House 4. As the play reaches it’s climax, a body falls through […]

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  • Movie Review- RULES DON’T APPLY

    Movie Review- RULES DON’T APPLY

    Rules Don’t Apply has seen heavy marketing this awards season. The romantic period drama marks the return to cinema for screen legend Warren Beatty. The actor’s last feature outing was in the 2001 comedy Town and Country. Beatty not only stars in the highly anticipated film, but wrote and directed it as well. Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of the talented cast and crew, the film falls flat on a number of levels. Rules Don’t Apply follows Frank Forbes (Alden Ehrenreich), a young chauffeur in the Howard […]

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  • Classic Film Through a Feminist Lens: LAURA

    Classic Film Through a Feminist Lens: LAURA

    “I shall never forget the weekend that Laura died…”. It’s one of the most interesting opening lines in film history. Spoken by Clifton Webb, the line sets the film’s tone. The 1944 movie is a fascinating study of gender. It not only presents a different take on the the femme fatale, but an unconventional image of masculinity. Laura presents diverse male characters, especially Waldo Lydecker (Clifton Webb) and Detective Mark McPherson (Dana Andrews). Laura fits inside the film noir movement which ran from The Maltese Falcon in 1940 through Kiss Me Deadly in 1955. Of the […]

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  • SUPERNATURAL Rewatch: (S01E09) Home

    SUPERNATURAL Rewatch: (S01E09) Home

    Previously on Supernatural: Sam and Dean faced off against a Native American curse threatening to overwhelm a growing housing development in a suffocating swarm of insects. Jenny (Kristin Richardson) sits on the floor of her kitchen, going through boxes. Her expression is forlorn as she looks at a happy wedding picture. The tranquility of the moment is shattered by her daughter, Sari (Ginger Broatch). The young girl looks uneasy as she says, “There’s something in my closet”. Like any good mother, Jenny goes […]

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  • CONVICTION Recap: (S01E07) A Simple Man

    CONVICTION Recap: (S01E07) A Simple Man

    This week, the Conviction Integrity Unit tackles the conviction of Leo Scarlata (Jason Furlani), a mentally challenged man currently serving time for murder and arson. Leo had reportedly set fire to his family’s restaurant,    during a fit of anger. A homeless man, who took refuge in the basement, died in the blaze. As the team tackles the case, they receive an unpleasant surprise. There is a documentary team following the Scarlata case, and according to DA Wallace (Eddie Cahill), the resulting footage would provide […]

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  • LUCIFER: L-R: Lauren German and Tom Ellis in the ÒHomewreckerÓ episode of LUCIFER airing Monday, Nov. 21 (9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.   ©2016 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Michael Courtney/FOX.

    LUCIFER Recap: (S01E09) Homewrecker

    Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) sit at the back of a tour bus. The boys are going to make Las Angeles their home, it is the City of Angels, after all. However, Lucifer finds himself completely underwhelmed with the lackluster tour guide, and takes over the bus with a charisma only he possesses. Suddenly, everything is more interesting. Shifting his glance to the back of the bus, Amenadiel has disappeared. Once again, he has abandoned Lucifer. Lucifer returns to to Dr. […]

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  • Murdoch Mysteries Rewatch (S01E06): “Let Loose The Dogs”

    Murdoch Mysteries Rewatch (S01E06): “Let Loose The Dogs”

    Our episode of Murdoch Mysteries opens in an underground fighting ring. A terrier takes on a ring full of rats, as people gleefully bet on the action. As victory is called, a fight breaks out among the rough crowd of attendees. Murdoch Mysteries’ case of the week occurs shrouded in darkness, as two men stumble from the pub and into the woods. According to Constable Crabtree (Jonny Harris), the victim is John Delaney (Michael Rhoades), one of the organizers of the fighting […]

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  • IMG_6299.CR2

    Movie Review- THE TAKE or BASTILLE DAY starring Idris Elba and Richard Madden

    Does The Take not sound familiar? It’s very likely. The European action film started life as Bastille Day; however, the narrative has proven to be entirely too timely. After hitting various release snags (namely the Bastille Day attacks in Nice, France), the film had a name change, and released to no fanfare in the United States on November 18th. The Take follows thief Michael Mason (Richard Madden), who unwittingly pickpockets reluctant bomber (Charlotte Le Bon). When the package explodes, he finds himself in the sights of not only […]

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  • Classic Film Through a Feminist Lens: Love with the Proper Stranger

    Classic Film Through a Feminist Lens: Love with the Proper Stranger

    Sometimes there’s a film where all the stars seem to align. Love with the Proper Stranger is not a message picture. Rather, the film is an example where subject matter, star persona, and historical significance all combine to make an important movie. The drama holds a vital place in the cinema of the pre second wave feminist era. The film follows Angie Rossini (Natalie Wood) and Rocky Papasano (Steve McQueen). The two characters struggle with the consequences of a drunken one night stand. […]

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  • Miss. Fisher’s Murder Mysteries: Bound for Movie Screens?

    Miss. Fisher’s Murder Mysteries: Bound for Movie Screens?

    Fans of the Australian period mystery series Miss. Fisher’s Murder Mysteries have waited with bated breath for news on the ever elusive season 4. As a result, many found themselves wondering if the popular series had been quietly cancelled. However, it seems those prognosis might be a bit pre-mature. On the morning of November 17, the Sydney Morning Herald broke the story that Miss. Fisher creators Fiona Egger and Deb Cox are busy exploring opportunities to bring the popular mystery series to the big screen. According to Cox and Egger, not only have they […]

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  • Supernatural Rewatch (S1E08): “Bugs”

    Supernatural Rewatch (S1E08): “Bugs”

    Previously on Supernatural: The Winchesters had the fight of their young lives against the ‘Hook Man’. The spiritual personification of the terrifying childhood ghost story had left a bloody trail of bodies through a small college. And only the Winchester’s could stop him. In “Bugs”, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean’s (Jensen Ackles) whirlwind trip around the midwest continues this week, as the story opens in an Oklahoma housing development. Construction and gas company workers going about their daily duties are interrupted when […]

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  • Conviction Recap (S01E06): “#StayWoke”

    Conviction Recap (S01E06): “#StayWoke”

    As this episode of Conviction open, there’s a noticeable different tone. Gunfire erupts in the middle of an escalating protest. A female officer drops to the ground, bleeding from a gunshot wound to the neck. The narrative flashes forward to the CIU offices. The team watches television as DA Conner Wallace (Eddie Cahill) addresses the media. He reports that the police have killed an unarmed black teenager. He pleads with the people of the city not to riot. This doesn’t deter Hayes […]

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  • Lucifer Recap (S02E08): “Trip to Stabby Town”

    Lucifer Recap (S02E08): “Trip to Stabby Town”

    Previously on Lucifer: Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and Chloe (Lauren German) work through some substantial Daddy issues. While the opening credits roll, we see a normal day on the beach. A woman (Lisa Chandler) rides through the pleasant summer scenes, enjoying the California sunshine. The moment of peace is immediately shattered as she is knocked off her bike by a hooded figure. He chases her through the crowd, tackling her. She barely has time to mumble “It’s you!” before the murderer stabs her repeatedly. Since we last saw Lucifer, […]

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