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  • Conviction Recap (S01E05): “The 1% Solution”

    Conviction Recap (S01E05): “The 1% Solution”

    Previously on Conviction: Hayes Morrison (Hayley Atwell) finds herself lost and vulnerable when her brother (Daniel Franzese) kicks her out of their apartment after the horrible failure of her national television interview. The former first daughter wakes up on the couch of her plush Conviction Integrity Unit office. This might not be jail, but she’s rarely fallen quite this low. Hayes quickly puts herself together, trying to hide her struggles from her team as they launch into their next case of the week. Their case […]

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  • Murdoch Mysteries Rewatch: (S01E04) “Elementary, My Dear Murdoch”

    Murdoch Mysteries Rewatch: (S01E04) “Elementary, My Dear Murdoch”

    In “Elementary My Dear Murdoch,” the first season of Murdoch Mysteries sees the series undergo another evolution which continues to play a role in the long-running series. Our intrepid Detective Murdoch (Yannick Bisson) meets up with famous author Arthur Conan Doyle (Gearing Wyn Davies) at the beginning of the episode. Doyle has long been a fascination of not only Hollywood, but entertainment the world over. We see the famous writer in a later stage of life, heavily interested in spiritualism. He’d rocked […]

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  • Classic Film Through a Feminist Lens: “Cat Ballou”

    Classic Film Through a Feminist Lens: “Cat Ballou”

    She has the smile of an angel (Fights like the devil)  The eyes of an angel (Bites like the devil)  The face of an angel (I say she’s the devil)  She’s mean and evil through and through Cat Ballou has an unconventional opening. We open on an old west city street in the 1890s. The primary focus is the “Shouters” (Nat King Cole and Stubby Kaye). They play their instruments and sing the very “old timey” title song. It shows that […]

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  • Supernatural Rewatch: (S01E06) “Skin”

    Supernatural Rewatch: (S01E06) “Skin”

    Previously on Supernatural: Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) bested ‘Bloody Mary’. But, we left Sam stewing under the enormous weight of all his secrets. “Skin” opens on a chaotic scene. A bloodied girl sits tied to a chair. She has been through hell. A S.W.A.T team readies to storm the house, an unseen assailant moves to bail out the window. As the police swarm, the figure turns around. It’s Dean. On that stunning shot, the narrative jumps back in time as Sam and […]

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  • Lucifer Recap: (S02E06) “Monster”

    Lucifer Recap: (S02E06) “Monster”

    Previously on Lucifer: There’s sibling rivalry among the Lucifer and his brothers. And as Lucifer says, “I have many”. At the end of “Weaponizer,” Lucifer (Tom Ellis) is reeling after killing his brother Uriel. “Monster” opens on a delightfully imaginative zombie wedding. The entire wedding party wears head to toe zombie make-up, and the couple vows to be faithful “Till undead us do part”. In fact, due to the well-crafted environment, the party doesn’t react when the groom (Liam Hall) crumbles to the ground, his arm […]

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  • Murdoch Mysteries Rewatch: (S01E03) “The Knockdown”

    Murdoch Mysteries Rewatch: (S01E03) “The Knockdown”

    Period series can be a challenge, especially in a contemporary climate. However, the creators of the Canadian mystery series Murdoch Mysteries established early in their first season that they weren’t afraid to tackle the often problematic issues which stem from a focus on history. Racism and sexism are repeatedly addressed in the series, even appearing as early as episode three of the first season. The case of the week in “The Knockdown” revolves around the death of boxer Amos Robinson (Andrew Hinkson). After winning a match […]

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  • Classic Film Through a Feminist Lens: “Come September”

    Classic Film Through a Feminist Lens: “Come September”

    Mother Nature’s a clever gal She relies on habits  Take two hares with no cares  Pretty soon you have a room full of rabbits  The lyrics above from the Bobby Darin song “Multiplication” crafts a clear image of the tone of the 1961 sex comedy Come September. The film is up-front and open in its’ treatment of sex. The narrative comes from a number of points of view. Not only does it show the prevailing views of sex coming out of the early 1960s, but also […]

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  • Supernatural Rewatch: (S01E05) “Bloody Mary”

    Supernatural Rewatch: (S01E05) “Bloody Mary”

    Previously on Supernatural: Sam and Dean faced off with their first (not quite yellow eyed) demon and won. On this week’s episode, the infamous “Bloody Mary” urban legend is front and center. The brothers are called to Toledo Ohio to investigate the suspicious death of a man, who was found dead with his eyes liquified. The “official” cause of death is a massive stroke, but all signs point towards something supernatural. Upon visiting the family, they meet the victim’s two young daughters. The youngest daughter, […]

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  • Lucifer Recap: (S02E05) “Weaponizer”

    Lucifer Recap: (S02E05) “Weaponizer”

    Previously on Lucifer: Lt. Decker (Lauren German) stumbles from a smoking car crash. She’s bleeding and confused. Life can be fragile, especially when you keep company with angels. Especially a bunch of celestial beings who are tied together by their dysfunctional family life. A lingering question hangs over the story. Will God, or “Dad” as he’s affectionately known, kill Chloe? Lucifer has broken a promise to him by allowing “Mum” to remain on Earth. Will Dad go back on his word as well? This week’s episode, “Weaponizer” […]

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  • Conviction Recap: (S01E04) “Mother’s Little Burden”

    Conviction Recap: (S01E04) “Mother’s Little Burden”

    Previously on Conviction, drama rocked the CIU. The basis of the procedural is built around a cover-up. If the media discovered that the rebellious Hayes Morrison (Hayley Atwell) had been arrested with a bag of cocaine in her purse, only to be rewarded with a plum government job, there would be scandal. Sure enough, right as Hayes and DA Wallace (Eddie Cahill) are ready to move their simmering relationship to the next level, the news breaks. The media knows everything. Luckily, the Morrison’s know damage control. While they prepare for her national […]

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  • Murdoch Mysteries Rewatch: (S01E02) “Glass Ceiling”

    Murdoch Mysteries Rewatch: (S01E02) “Glass Ceiling”

    “Sometimes these things just come to me.” This statement sums up the borderline genius investigative skills of Detective William Murdoch (Yannick Bisson). He sees these clues, and understands them at an almost instinctual level. This episode of Murdoch Mysteries, entitled “Glass Ceiling” sees our intrepid Detective plunged into another complicated murder investigation, which only he can solve. As the episode opens, William Murdoch finds himself contemplating a station move and hopeful promotion. However, the conversation is interrupted by the delivery of a trunk to Station House 4. […]

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  • Classic Film Through a Feminist Lens: “One, Two, Three”

    Classic Film Through a Feminist Lens: “One, Two, Three”

    The subject of the Cold War was a common one in the cinema of the middle 20th century. However, there were precious few Cold War comedies. One, Two, Three stands as one of the few (along with Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb). The film is a fun and interesting one, dealing not only with issues of sex and gender but politics as well. However, with a closer analysis, the fifty-five year old film proves to be […]

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  • Supernatural Rewatch: (S01E04) “Phantom Traveler”

    Supernatural Rewatch: (S01E04) “Phantom Traveler”

    Previously on Supernatural: Sam and Dean saved the residents of a rural town from an active and vengeful water spirit. On this week’s episode, the boys tackle their first demon. The Winchester’s arrive in Pennsylvania to help Jerry Panowski (Brian Markinson, who Dean and John had solved a poltergeist problem for in the past. When Jerry discovered electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) on a black box salvaged from a recent plane crash, he immediately thought of the Winchester’s. As they speak with the survivors, Sam and Dean discover that the plane went down after […]

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  • Conviction Recap: (S01E03) “Dropping Bombs”

    Conviction Recap: (S01E03) “Dropping Bombs”

    Hayes Morrison (Hayley Atwell) may have a 9-5 job with CIU, working to uphold the integrity of the U.S. justice system. However, Hayes hasn’t changed. She’s still the same girl. As this episode of Conviction opens, Hayes and D.A. Wallace (Eddie Cahill) speak with the media. Everyone (Wallace included) seems incredibly quick to imply that the girl in front of them is the “new” Hayes Morrison, and that they’ve tamed the former party girl. This throws Hayes into a quest. She needs to […]

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  • Lucifer Recap: (S02E04) “Lady Parts”

    Lucifer Recap: (S02E04) “Lady Parts”

    The last three episodes of Lucifer has shown us one thing to start this season. Between his current and former job, and his less than functional family life, the King of Hell is perfectly justified in seeking therapy. As this episode starts, Lucifer (Tom Ellis) visits Dr. Martin (Rachael Harris) for a long-overdue session. Perhaps it’s due to his family issues or the lingering presence of his mother, but Lucifer’s in need of a distraction. The Prince of Darkness got himself his first smart phone. In […]

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